Limited Food Choices in NYP. Whut??!

Have you ever experience lunch breaks where you run out of food choices?
Well I used to have those problems in secondary school but not since I enter Nanyang Polytechnic!
With 4 huge canteens in NYP, it is rare to see students so determine of where they are going for lunch (cause we’re too spoilt by choices!).

Well if you’re a number 1 Macdonald’s fan then NYP is the place for you! The franchise here sells much lesser with only $4.50 for meals (almost similar to happy meal, I know).

Prefer traditional delight for your lunch?
Well we have 3 canteens here that offers that and much more!
Not only that, the canteens have different cuisines for your taste.
Japanese, Taiwanese, you name it, we have it!

NYP understands the importance of a condusive dining experience which is why they renovated one  of the canteens- South Canteen.
Works are now being carried out for another canteen; the North.
Wow! I’m pretty much excited!


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